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Peta Andrews
Manager Digital Sales & Service
P&N Bank

I have worked with Lorenza on many digital design projects over the past three years including Mobile Apps, Chat bot, Campaign pages, Website ads, Digital Style Guide etc and would highly recommend her services.


She is a creative and highly skilled designer who always delivers on time and to budget. Most importantly Lorenza’s broader business and communications understanding helps her stand out as a real design expert in delivering to requirements.

David Reddin

davidreddin.com has partnered with Lorenza Minghetti Graphic Design almost since day 1 of Lorenza's business. 


Lorenza helped us significantly with our first website, delivering a quality outcome Quickly, efficiently and with minimum fuss. It attracted a lot of positive feedback from clients and candidates alike. She also helped shape and then manage our team's blogging schedule, ensuring we stayed on track with content, appeal and timing. She managed the design of all our collateral including fliers, PowerPoint presentations for training courses, handouts for client functions - the lot.


She has a good eye for all aspects of design - layout, colour, content, images. She listens to the brief carefully, interprets accurately, and delivers pretty much in full, on time and within budget. That is a rare combination these days!


Lorenza has a very personal and personable style, was always available to advise and assist, and her advice was usually spot on. I'd highly recommend her professionalism and service level. You can trust her to deliver the outcome!

Angie Keeler

We have been working with Lorenza for almost 4 years now and we could not be happier! Lorenza's work is impeccable and always on design brief. We're not the easiest to work with as we always need everything yesterday and Lorenza never disappoints.


We would highly recommend Lorenza for her creative design work, professional manner and most importantly her customer service. Thank you Lorenza!

Tatyana Deniz
Kawaii Drawings

For years I've struggled to find the right look for my brand Kawaii Drawings. I found my solution in Lorenza! Like a ray of sunshine, she has transformed by brand and my website in a matter of days. She created a professional, yet friendly, look for my website that I actually like. Now I feel PROUD to share a link to my website (a bit like showing off a new outfit), and I get messages almost every day from people wanting to work with me. Amazing!!


Lorenza listened carefully to what I wanted for my design. She presented me with options, and then worked with me to develop my favourite option. Every minute of this experience has been pleasant, and I will definitely hire Lorenza for my future design projects.

Kim Harrison
Cutting Edge PR

Lorenza has completed extensive work for me in a major upgrade of my website and the redesign of my monthly newsletter.


I have found her great to work with – creative, well organised, professional and reliable.


Lorenza’s fees are moderate and she is clear about the work covered by her quotations.


A bonus for me is that Lorenza has an excellent understanding of my industry sector from previous work over several years.

Kasia Zator
Verve Tanning Studio

Lorenza is truly amazing! She has done two websites for me at this stage, both with a great understanding of me as a person and what I wanted my websites to represent. Also both done very efficiently and in a timely matter (one is a lightning speed actually!). She has a very strong work ethic.


I can’t recommend her enough! I was very impressed with the quality of service she provides.