Why your brand needs a Style Guide

We all know how important brand recognition is: your brand is a representation of your business - if your target audience does not recognise your brand, they won't be able to choose YOU over your competition.

If you follow the guidelines stated in your style guide your brand will be consistent across the board - therefore easily recognisable.

This is very important for well established brands, but it's also an essential tool to develop when creating a new company. A good style guide should include:


  • Logo variations (horizontal, stacked, etc.)

  • Colour variations (full colour, monochrome, reversed, etc.)

  • Positioning (preferred positioning on a document)

  • Minimum size and exclusion zone (to ensure legibility)


  • Font names

  • Font weights and sizes

  • Font applications (print, digital, ads, etc.)

  • Hierarchy (headers, body text, etc.)


  • Primary and supporting brand colours

  • How and when to use each colour and colour combination

  • Technical details to identify each colour (RGB, CMYK, Hex, Pantone)


  • Preferred icons style (or even a ready make icons library)

  • Photography style

Different sections should be created for different environments (digital, print, campaigns, etc.) - even though your brand is always the same, the visual guidelines are not set in stone and design choices made for print, for example, will not necessarily work on a website.

A good style guide should also include examples of what to do and, most importantly, what not to do to ensure all information is clear to anybody within the organisation.

Have a look here or here if you need some inspiration.

Get in touch if you need a style guide, if your style guide needs to be updated or if you want to find out more about how style guides benefit your brand.