8 rules for an effective newsletter

Do you worry nobody’s reading your digital newsletter? Are you wondering if you should give up on it? Writing or curating informative and interesting customer-focused content is of course the first step, but there is a lot that can be done from a design point of view as well. 1️. Create an eye catching header. Your header will appear on all your newsletters so it should be consistent with the brand but also visually appealing. 2️. Let your logo dictate your colour scheme. Be consistent with your branding – use your company colours to match your logo and header. 3️. Choose the right font. Never use more than one or two fonts in the same document and make sure it’s a web friendly, sans serif, easy to read font. 4️. Hierarchy. A good structure will help readers navigate the newsletter: as for any documents, be consistent with headings, sub-headings etc. 5️. Choose your layout. It’s usually better to opt for a clean and clear design, with 1 or 2 columns – and don’t be afraid of white space! 6️. Use images – but only if they are good! Make sure your images are good: visually appealing AND high resolution. 7️. Make sure you include Call to Action buttons. Why are you sending your newsletter? Are you selling something or do you want more people to visit your website? Whatever your goal is, make sure you include CTAs – these could be simple words or buttons but either way they should be eye catching and relevant (i.e. ‘buy now’, ‘register today’, etc.). 8️. Use a mobile friendly template. Ensure your newsletter is mobile friendly as a high percentage of people will be reading it on their phones. Of course these are general rules that may need to be adapted to individual situations but they are a good starting point.

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