5 things to consider when choosing a font

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Selecting an appropriate font is a key aspect of any design project: whether you are working on a logo, a brochure or a website, you need to ensure you use a font (or a selection of fonts) that work well in that context, that convey the right mood and resonate with the target audience.

However, choosing the right typeface(s) for a project can be tricky. There are thousands of paid-for and free fonts so making a decision can feel overwhelming. It helps to follow a few simple rules.

1. Legibility A good font should be legible at large scale and small size – test your font before use to make sure it scales well.

2. Print or Online use Will it be used online or for a print project? Generally speaking, sans serif is best for online use, and serif for print.

3. Emotion Fonts have personality and convey a mood or an emotion. For example you would never use Comic Sans for an Annual Report!

4. Background Will it be used on a cluttered background? As a rule, you should never place text over a busy background however, if there is no alternative, make sure you use a ‘chunky’ font and select a contrasting colour.

5. Hierarchy Generally you will need at least 3 levels of hierarchy (heading, sub heading, body) so make sure the font you’ve chosen will allow for effective hierarchy.

Of course there are other factors to take into consideration when selecting a font, like font pairing or font colour; a good designer will be able to choose the right font for your project or to help you make the right choice.

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