What is a Website Design Audit and why do you need one?


A Website Design Audit is merely an analysis of a website to identify any issues or any elements that can be improved.

You may need a Website Design Audit if:

You've never had a website audit

You've had an audit over 6 months ago

You're thinking about a website update or redesign

You're wondering if you're website is effective

You worry your site is not aligned with your brand

Too many people have been involved and there inconsistencies in style and design

Your website has been put together by somebody who is not a designer

Visitors complain they can't find what they are looking for

During the audit I will look at any possible issues or areas that need improvements:

  • Branding - is your website on brand? is it consistent across all pages? 

  • Effectiveness - is your website effective? does it have clear call to actions? 

  • Usability - is information easy to find? is the site easy to navigate?

  • Responsiveness - is your mobile friendly? does it look good on any device? 

I will then put together a quick report to with my recommendations on how to improve your website. If there are no issues - well done! You're doing a great job.


If there are issues or areas that need improvement you can then decide how to proceed.

  • You can ignore my recommendations!

  • You can fix things on your own if you have the skills

  • You can hire a professional to deal with the situation